Nova Star Group

Industrial, Financial, Commercial

About us

Nova Industrial & Business Group is formed of a set of companies to lead, supervise and plan subsidiaries, as Pariz Nova Co., Atlas Healthcare Development Co., Maziaan Business Development Co. and Farzanegan Co.
Pariz Nova Co. has been known for nearly two decades as one of the leading suppliers of specialty raw materials applicable in various food industries, including the dairy, sauces, meat products, confectionery and chocolate industries, that most of its business is in form of B2B. In addition to meeting the needs of customers, the company aims to go a step further in predicting customers’ needs and providing them with a superior service that will make them happy and satisfied.
Atlas Healthcare Development Co. is engaged in pharmaceutical activities including import of API, emergency medicines and medicine production, and in recent years has achieved a good position in this field in Iran. And now, by achieving local production, has taken a major step in helping the nation’s self-sufficiency in medicine.
Maziaan Business Development Co. is set up to supply the local beverage products (B2C) which the production facility is in its final stages. The products are categorized as drinking water, energy drinks, sports and fruits drinks. Considering advanced production lines equipped with cutting-edge equipment in the beverage industry, as well as the know-how, the complex is predicted to have a significant market share in near future.
Farzanegan Co. was established to produce specialized food raw materials. Currently the company’s production site is in start-up and operation phase.

Nova Industrial & Business Group

Leading, supervision and planning of subsidiaries companies 
Strategic planning with a balanced scorecard approach 
Implementation of quality management system based on ISO 9001
Implementation of HRM system
Supply Chain Management and Planning
Customers Relationship Management (CRM)​​​​​​​

Parizanova Co

Supply of raw materials needed in Dairy and ice- cream- meat products- savoury- confectionery- Beverage and drinks- bakery- Health and nutritio

Atlas Healthcare Development Co

Import of raw materials needed for drug production (API)
Manufacture of pharmaceutical products
Production of drugs and supplements
Urgent medicines supply
Providing medication consulting services

Maziaan Business Development Co.

Production of drinking water, carbonated,
energy drinks and sport drinks
and fruit-based and functional drinks


Mission Statement

Nova Industrial & Business Group to provide food and pharmaceutical supply chain items with best quality and achievement satisfaction of the beneficiaries, particularly shareholders, customers, suppliers and employees, is doing following activities using the latest technology and knowledge:

  • Import and production of specialty raw materials needed in the food industry such as dairy products, meat, sauces, pastries, chocolate and beverages.
  • Import and manufacture of beverages such as sports drinks, healthy drinks, drinking water
  • Import of pharmaceutical raw materials needed to manufacture pharmaceutical products such as anticancer drugs, anticoagulants and antibiotics
  • Manufacture and import of pharmaceutical products including generic and specialty drugs
  • Export products to intenational markets

Our Competitive advantages

Being in operation, since 2000
Group owned centralized and corporate office
High qualified specialists in divisions
Corporate training programs
Financial stability of group
Costumer centered approach
Being in full compliance with all govenmental rules​​​​​​​

Our Vision

Nova Industrial and Business Group is going to achieve these goals until the end of 2021:

  • Export the company’s Product.
  • Import and production of different kind of drinking product like energy drink, drinking water & etc.
  • Import and production of specialized ingredients for food industry such as diary, meat, sauce, sweets, drinking & etc.
  • import and production of pharmaceuticals and Import API for various group of pharmaceuticals such as Anti cancers, Antibiotics, Anti coagulants & etc